Explore Reishi "The Mushroom of Immortality"

Explore Reishi "The Mushroom of Immortality"

Reishi (Ganoderma spp.) : Mushroom of Immortality

For over 2,000 years, Reishi has been considered a medicine to extend life and promote health. [R

The long history of Reishi originates in China where it’s considered a mushroom of spiritual power, symbolizing health, longevity, success and divine power. 

Traditionally, only the wealthy had access to Reishi, which facilitates these noble associations.

Throughout history, whoever could get a hold of Reishi, used it to increase intellectual capacity and memory, promote agility, and lengthen life span. [R]

However, the main reason Reishi has developed this immortality and longevity description is through its ability to stimulate and support the immune system. [R]

Reishi appears to have an adaptogenic effect on the immune system - meaning, it is able to provide you with the right healing nudge, in the right amount, at the right time, in the right direction. [R]

This adaptogenic reaction in the body is one of nature’s great mysteries that science has not been able to duplicate with any pharmaceutical product. [R]

As an adaptogen, Reishi balances your immune system in a personalized manner of what your body needs.

This adaptogenic effect of Reishi has also been connected with the nervous system - adjusting chemicals to either downregulate or upregulate the system - in whatever direction is needed. [R

These effects on the nervous system are normally reported as less stress and better sleep. [R]

Through Reishi’s long history and ability, it’s obvious why it continues to be called “The Mushroom of Immortality” - a healthy immune and nervous system supports a longer life.

Today, Reishi continues to be studied regularly to uncover more direct health benefits beyond its apoptogenic nature.

Other studies have produced relations between Reishi and positive health benefits including anticancer effects; blood glucose regulation; antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral effects; and protection against liver and gastric injury. [R]

There are even studies providing evidence that Reishi incorporated in skin products can accelerate healing processes of wounds. [R]

As the modern scientific scope of Reishi is expanding it’s clear why its medicinal legacy has lasted over 2,000 years.

We at The Mushroom Pharm value Reishi and believe in sharing its health benefits.

We sell Reishi mushroom alone in tincture form and include it in our “Focus” and “7 Species Mushroom Blend” tinctures*

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Written by Katherine Stanier 

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