Discover Chaga - A Wild Grown Medicine

Discover Chaga - A Wild Grown Medicine

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) : Wild Grown Medicine

Chaga is a unique medicinal mushroom as it’s almost exclusively harvested from the wild. [R]

Most other medical mushrooms have been actively farmed for decades, but because of Chaga’s complex growing phases and conditions it’s nearly impossible to recreate. Chaga mushroom favors mature trees and is slow to grow. Taking 10-80+ years to develop. With this unique rate of reproduction, any harvesting of Chaga in its pre-sporulation phase raises significant conservation issues. It could impact its survival as a species and thus the ecosystem around it that relies on it. [R]

The antioxidant health benefits of Chaga have been known since the sixteenth century, reported as a folk medicine in Russia, Siberia, North America and North Europe for treating heart and liver disease as well as general internal cleaning. However, within the past several years, studies proving Chaga to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antidiabetic, anticancer and effective on reducing oxidative stress in lymphocytes from gastro-intestinal disorders like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), have increased the demand of Chaga as a medical treatment. [R] [R] [R] [R]*

Chaga brewed into a tea

This boom in commercial use to create Chaga products is concerning for wildlife scientists as they can’t assure all companies are responsibly harvesting Chaga from the wild. They are already calling for urgent educational and legislative approaches to protect this historical medicinal species. As well as, actively seeking solutions to recreate the wild conditions Chaga requires in a farm setting. [R]

As we are a company who sells Chaga mushroom products we want our customers to know Justin, founder and main harvester of I’m a Fungi Mushroom Pharm, is a certified wild forager. This means that the Chaga mushroom for our products is harvested from the wild legally and sustainably. We want to ensure Chaga can continue to heal people and provide its vital role in our environment. 

By investing in our Chaga products, you are supporting the preservation of this wild medicine.

Please explore some of our products that incorporate Chaga:

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Written by Katherine Stanier 

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