How Cordyceps Kills Hosts & Heals Humans

How Cordyceps Kills Hosts & Heals Humans

Cordyceps Mushroom (Cordyceps militaris) : Kills Hosts, Heals Humans


Cordyceps, also known as the caterpillar fungus, thrives in the cold grassy alpine meadows in the Himalayas. 

At these altitudes Cordyceps survives by depositing spores into larvae then it grows through the insect and eventually mummifies it.

After winter, the fungus ruptures the insect host body and forms the fruiting bodies which release more spores. [R]

It’s intimidating seeing this bright orange mushroom extending from a dead larva.

Cordyceps wasn’t intimidating enough to keep Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from exploring potential health benefits of this rare mushroom.

For hundreds of years, TCM reported Cordyceps as a medicine to “invigorate the lung and nourish the kidney”. [R]

Also, TCM called Cordyceps the herbal Viagra, based on the way it impacts the male reproductive system. Studies show Cordyceps increases libido, sperm quality and quantity, and enhances testosterone. [R]

By 1964, Cordyceps became a Chinese Pharmacopeia drug due to further discoveries of Cordyceps as an effective treatment for the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, and aging. [R]

The respiratory health benefits of Cordyceps became public in 1993 during the National Games in Beijing. At this event 3 female runners set 5 world records in meter races. The coach revealed these runners were taking Cordyceps extracts. Because of these results, the popularity and consumer interest of Cordyceps increased. [R]

This exposure to this wild rare fungus led to over-harvesting and quickly Cordyceps became classified as an endangered species. Thankfully, researchers rushed to create a controlled grown solution for Cordyceps. Now Cordyceps can consistently and sustainably be grown and preserved across the world. [R]

Once Cordyceps could be grown in a controlled setting, even more studies were conducted to solidify the health benefits of this mushroom. Cordyceps is now strongly associated with immune-modulation, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, adaptogenic and neuro protection properties. As well as, Cordyceps as a potential medicine for diabetes, arthritis, HIV, and Chrohns. [R]

We at The Mushroom Pharm rejoice when traditional medicine is reinforced by modern science. Because we believe nature provides the medicines we need!

It’s mind-blowing for us at The Mushroom Pharm that we can provide Cordyceps, this several-hundred-year-old medicine, to you through our store today.

Our FunGi and FunGal lovers rave about the effects of our organic Cordyceps in their daily routines and so we want to encourage you to try it for yourself. 

We provide Cordyceps in a tincture alone and blended into our signature blends*

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Written by Katherine Stanier 
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